Quality Machinery Solutions for Materials Handling and Food Processing.

About Us

Eckert Machines has been helping food processors meet the challenges of changing consumer demands since 1959. From humble roots as a sales and service agent for vegetable and fruit harvesting and processing equipment, Team Eckert has been actively involved in the changing dynamic of the Canadian food industry. As consumer tastes and demands have evolved, we have done our best to find and provide the highest quality and most reliable machinery for industrial food processing and materials handling applications.

Eckert Machines is an independent Canadian-owned and -operated machinery sales agency. We bring processing and materials handling solutions from around the world to Canadian manufacturers of both food and non-food products. We are often able to adapt the high standards of the food industry to the equally important non-food manufacturing sector. Food processors have long appreciated our broad experience, and now other industries are taking advantage of that product handling knowledge to optimize their production. With a full range of machinery manufacturers, offering both standard and custom equipment, let us help you find a reliable and cost effective solution to your processing problems.

  • Production cost
  • Production capacity
  • Personnel safety
  • Product quality

Manufacturers face these and many other productivity issues every day. They know from experience that they can count on Team Eckert to help them ensure their product’s quality, integrity and competitiveness.

Eckert Machines can help, whether for a complete processing line, or just a single machine to complement an existing line. Processors and manufacturers count on Team Eckert to find and deliver the best solutions to their application needs.

Contact Eckert today to take advantage of years of experience, along with that of their many industry-leading machinery manufacturers, to provide the best solution to your needs.

At ECKERT Machines, your needs are our top priority!