Quality Machinery Solutions for Materials Handling and Food Processing.

Optimium Sorting Ventus Free-fall Laser Sorter - Versatile. High resolution. Easy to operate and maintain.
JBT-FTNON Coretakr Flex: High-yield robotic coring system for lettuce and elongated product.
Vanmark 2920 Peeler/Scrubber/Washer: Robust. Customizable. Easy to operate and maintain.
PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers: High output. Higher efficiency.
Inox Fer Product All-In-One Mixer: Cutting. Cooking. Mixing

Eckert Machines has been helping food processors meet the challenges of changing consumer demands since 1959.

From humble roots as a sales and service agent for vegetable and fruit harvesting and processing equipment, Team Eckert has been actively involved in the changing dynamic of the Canadian food industry. As consumer tastes and demands have evolved, we have done our best to find and provide the highest quality and most reliable machinery for industrial food processing and materials handling applications.