Quality Machinery Solutions for Materials Handling and Food Processing.


Sourced from around the world for you.

We select our suppliers carefully. Their commitment to quality of design, workmanship, safety, efficiency, and utility mirrors our own. We understand what you put into your final product. Your product is top-notch. Let us help you make sure your production equipment is too.

Eckert Machines is proud to offer food processing equipment from these fine manufacturers from around the globe. Many of our suppliers also offer customized solutions to meet your production needs. We believe that finished product quality and safety are of the utmost importance, therefore quality processing equipment is needed to get there.

A&K Development Company

A&K Development provides high quality solutions for sweet and seed corn operations from receiving and wilting systems to huskers, cutters, and graders. Pre-cleaners for large fruits and vegetables reduce the EVM load on production facilities.

Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing provides high quality custom-built equipment for fruit, nut, potato, and vegetable handling and processing. Specializing in cleaning, grading, mix & blend, transport, and vibratory systems, Commercial designs and builds their equipment to last while meeting or exceeding the needs of their customers.

Dorner Manufacturing

Dorner manufactures conveying systems for baking, fruit, industrial, meat, packaging, pharmaceutical, potato, and vegetable manufacturers and processors. Tailored solutions using proven designs in a short time frame allows Dorner to offer simple and complex conveying solutions.

G.J. Olney Company

For over a century, G.J. Olney, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing and design of standard and custom equipment for the food industry. They manufacture a range of flotation and destoning washers, green bean equipment, shakers and reels, conveyors, and graders for a variety of fruits and vegetables for fresh, frozen, and canning lines.


HYTT – Hygienic Transport Systems & Technologies specializes in the conveying of waste materials from food production facilities. With installations in fresh cut, fruit, meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetable facilities, HYTT can help reduce water consumption and clutter on the production floor.


From their facility in Italy, Inox-Fer manufactures custom-built mixing solutions for the preparation of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products. With an array of mixing, cutter-mixer, and cooking systems, Inox-Fer handles applications from making homogeneous mixtures of powders in liquid to preparing condiments from raw ingredients.


FTNON designs, manufactures, and services technologically sophisticated systems and products for multinational and regional food processors. With a focus on hygienic design and operator safety, FTNON manufactures high quality solutions to clean and prepare fruit, potatoes, and vegetables in fresh cut and process markets. The CoreTakr robotic coring system, MOP-200 peelers for onions, and DCC steaming systems are some of FTNON’s unique offerings for food processors.

Optimum Sorting

Optimum Sorting aims to provide the best optical sorting solution on the market without being the largest volume supplier. With a focus on R&D, Optimum uses the latest in camera and laser technology plus the integration of in-line metal detection for embedded metals. With vast experience on candy, fruits, nuts, potatoes, seafood, and vegetables, Optimum Sorting builds custom systems to achieve customers’ sorting goals.

Paxton Products

Paxton Products is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal blowers and air delivery systems. Used in the production of foods, electronics, and other packaged products, Paxton blowers, air knives and specialty air delivery devices offer improved air flow with reduced electrical consumption. Their ionized air rinse system reduces water consumption in canning and bottling lines.


PerfoTec provides a range of equipment to optimize packaging operations for fresh produce. From testing equipment to determine the optimal breathability of a product’s packaging, laser film perforation systems, and gas flush control systems, PerfoTec can help obtain the best shelf life for your product all year-round.


Vanmark is a leading manufacturer of industrial potato and produce processing equipment, working with processors to make safe, high quality food. For over 60 years Vanmark has designed and manufactured top-quality, easy-to-use equipment that optimizes storage, conveying, washing, peeling, and cutting processes.

With a personal touch and enduring commitment to customers and employees, Vanmark provides unparalleled support not only for the equipment they build, but also the people who operate and depend on it

We work regularly with other manufacturers not listed here to provide custom solutions for process needs. Contact us with your process questions. We may have a solution that works for you.